Wednesday, September 22

It's a shitty old world to be sure. Hurricanes, floods, mudslides, extremists, greedy capitalists, pin-heads in power, debt ridden morons, inflation, twelve year old alcoholics, ten year old suicide bombers, eight year old bullies, pension thieves, tropical diseases, someone called 'Dr Germ', MOD terrorists, executions on telly, economic asylum seekers, cancer, aids, oil, ice-caps, greenhouse gases, pollution....
*falls off chair from stress of realisation*


It's been such a grim week weather wise. Nearly time to get the winter bike gloves out (may swallow my vanity this winter and try out some handlebar muffs). Stuff on the horizon that cheers me during bored bouts of rat race living include a trip to Stockholm with the fella, The Scissor Sisters at the Winter gardens in Blackpool, and two weeks in Florida just before Christmas. My Dad is now reluctant to take my Mum to New Zealand next spring (various meetings, golf competitions, allotment and hen keeping commitments). He promised her this trip a year ago so it now looks like me and Darren will be pissing him off real soon when we announce that we are going to take her. When he finds out I expect him to say something along the lines of "well, if we're all going I'll get Billy Whatsit to look after the hens". I am happy to travel with my Mum but wouldn't dream of heading to the other side of the world with both of them. My Dad is too much like me and we would fight over the driving and maps.

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