Friday, March 21

My hero. This is just perfect. A lot of atheists say "I don't believe in any of of that stuff but I don't mind if you do". Bill Maher really minds if you do. Love him. video here

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sunday, day off together (rare)

free tickets to Blackpool Tower from our employer...

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At the end of a very informative and fun tour of Lancashires dark history we were convicted of witchcraft and hung (i.e. dropped several storeys at a sickening speed in pitch black on a contraption designed to make you leave your seat and take your picture witch you then buy)

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best bus stops ever

Fading away with time. | archatlas: Soviet Bus Stops Christopher Herwig:

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Don't get me wrong, I love some of her songs, but she doesn't inspire a devotional quality in me that she does in others. Malcolm said "never trust a hippy" and she always seemed a bit 'flighty' to me. I'm the same with Fleetwood Mac.

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Kate Bush seems to have made a LOT of gays VERY happy on this International Day Of Happiness. I'm not bothered though. My eBay handle is 'katebushisoverrated'. We will now have 6 months of "where are you sitting?" type conversations.

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Dave Matthews

*stereotype warning* ... on their head, if they're German.

 Oddest book prize goes to How to Poo on a Date... this book

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fatso no mo

3 years ago today, pon returning from Berlin...225lbs.
No gyms, no diet clubs, plenty of common sense.

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Sunday, February 2

New camera for christmas. Been on a road trip to Northumberland, a walk round Witch Wood, and several walks on the beach.

Tuesday, August 27

The Black Bridge...

IMG_20130825_125146, originally uploaded by fylde bus driver.

...over the Wansbeck has had a trendy Farrow & Ball makeover in a lovely subtle grey. Elephants breath or pavilion grey?

River Wansbeck

IMG_20130825_125449, originally uploaded by fylde bus driver.

Hunting those sneaky little hobbitses

IMG_20130823_061136, originally uploaded by fylde bus driver.

Sheepwash, near Ashington.

Hamn egg pie

IMG_20130824_011645, originally uploaded by fylde bus driver.

Corbridge Larder in Morpeth with me mutha this past weekend.

The Sonny & Cher of 1530

IMG_20130826_010751, originally uploaded by fylde bus driver.