Friday, August 13

The PC doctor arrived and immediately got to work on his knees under my desk. Turns out it's my processor (Pentium 2) and my motherboard. £76 to tell me that. Bugger! £200 to fix it (incl. labour). I told him to get the hard drive out for me and just leave it. So, I now need a new PC. It must come with a network card (though the PC doctor can come back and put the old network card in the new PC for £76). Any suggestions? And where can I get the stuff on my hard drive put onto CD? Grateful for any comments from techy-type readers.

Went to the pictures really pissed off after the PC doctor left so I had a large popcorn while watching The Bourne Supremacy. Highly enjoyable and much better than a Wallace Arnold coach tour of Europe. Then we went to Blockbuster for Maltesers, Hagen Dazs and School Of Rock. Went to bed at midnight and watched a great documentary about doo-wop singers. Woke up in shock at 3am and sat bolt upright as we'd forgotten the new series of Six Feet Under started last night. Damn and blast. Yesterday was a day of ups and downs and today is Friday the 13th (and Spookily I'm wearing a long sleeved t-shirt today with a '76' logo on the front, 7 + 6 = 13!!!). Should have just gone back to bed instead of coming into work. If you don't hear from me tomorrow then I'm dead.

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