Thursday, August 12

My PC is fucked broken. I'm writing this on Darrens machine. Waiting for the PC Doctor to arrive and charge me £65 to say he hasn't a clue what it is and that he needs to take it away. I won't let him though. It's at that point that when you just know it will be returned three weeks later with a bill for £300. Which is way more than it's worth now (8 years old).

Yesterday was smashing. We had a great table at The Ivy and the food was 1st class. Haddock and leek tart, mixed grill, rack of lamb, spinach, chips and sticky toffee pudding. The Edward Hopper show was good. I liked the pictures (that's all I can say, I'm no Brian Sewell). Next we walked fron Bankside to Farringdon via Smithfield and had a pint in the Eagle. Then we walked to Kings Cross and took the oven-on-wheels tube home. Popping out to see the Bourne Supremacy soon, so the PC Doctor better get his skates on.

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