Thursday, August 19

I still have no PC of my own. I am nearly finished that Curious Death Dog book and am loving it (I have no one to pass it on to as I am the last person in the world to read it). Next up is Jake Arnotts True Crime. Then I can partake in the ' 3 for 2' offers at the book shops. A Staffordshire bull terrier ripped apart a Yorkshire terrier and killed it in our park last Saturday. The killer dog was destroyed too but the unstable 13 year old boy owner has been told that his dog is 'living in the country with uncle Terry'. If you've read The Curious Incident Of The Dead Dog then you will know how spooky all of this is. I'm ten and a half stone now. Nine months ago I was thirteen and a half stone. Exercise was not involved in this fat disappearance and Kelly at work says that the baggy arsed 31w jeans I'm wearing are ugly. Amazing rain storm last night as i was driving home. The drains couldn't cope and I was drenched through to my underpants (small) despite wearing a one-piece protective wet suit (waste of money). Lunch today will be a weight watchers chicken hotpot with a tin of garden peas (no sugar or salt added). Darren returns this evening after three days away in Essex but he won't be back in time for Six Feet Under so I must remember to tape it (note to self: find the end of Tuesdays episode of the Sopranos). Next week I have three days off work and so I am heading to Blackpool on Tuesday night. Darren will join Edward and I at the weekend. The Scissor Sisters concert at the beautiful Empress Ballroom in Blackpool (October 29) sold out in an hour so I was forced to buy two tickets on ebay. Only a tenner extra too. The Morrisssey show in the same venue on September 4 sold out in minutes and tickets are reaching offensive prices on ebay so we shan't be attending. We saw him earlier this year in Manchester anyway but we've never seen the Scissor Sisters. How brilliant is that Johnnyboy single (the one about the shoes)? Bloody brilliant.

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