Monday, July 26

65p for a hot dog at Ikea. Other stuff is just as cheap so we bought it. Shiny plastic things and dull wooden surfaces. Stuff that is so nice you get it home and it makes the rest of your room look shit.
We bbq’d sausages at 5pm in our garden on Saturday. Drank wine then went to bed for a nap before Ducky. Woke up at 10.30 and couldn’t be arsed to get out of me knickers so watched the Beavis and Butthead movie on telly then went back to bed.
Darren left for Dublin at the crack of dawn today so me and Edward have two days to enjoy eating crisps in bed and forgetting to wash.
Nice to see thousands of commuters on the streets this morning as the Victoria line suffered a bomb scare. I waved as I put-putted past each packed bus stop. Poor things. London is a cruel mistress.

Very good piece over at Trobled Diva today. Written by Nixon and titled 'God save The Queens'. Fuckin' spot on.

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