Monday, May 28

Yay! 10 years old today. I've been blogging on Blogger for 120 months. I may have stopped writing as much as I did in the first 5 years but it still feels good to have a 'presence' on the WWW. My readership has dwindled to a few die-hards but that doesn't phase me at all nowadays (remember when we went mental for stats in 2004?). Most of my contemporaries have disappeared, or rather, have resurfaced on Facebook so I'm still in touch with most of them and that's nice. I love the way the whole social networking thing is evolving and changing constantly and I hope to keep on top of it as long as I can. If any of this wasn't fun I wouldn't do it. Love you all.

My visual blog on tumblr is here (2 years old this month!)

My Facebook profile is here so don't be afraid to ask to be my friend.


Blue Witch said...

Congratulations. You're older than me!

And, the font is much easier to read today, thank you for changing it.

I can't ask to be your friend because I don't do FB :(

It's lovely to still be in touch after all these years... went to a blog party on Saturday and it had me remembering the good times we had in the old days.

diamond geezer said...

Congratulations on your completed decade!

Not young, but maybe a bit old (for a blog).

And thanks for not conducting everything beyond the FB barrier!

Nic said...

Happy tenth blogday.