Friday, May 25

Norway fjords cruise May 2012

stavanger 12ron ann frankie bennysdave darren banbury 1ann ron leaving southampton 1leaving southampton 3leaving southampton 2
oriana room 2oriana room 1dave leaving southampton 1darren sailing into Stavangerdarren dave leaving southampton 1darren dave leaving southampton 3
dave on deck 2darren on deck 2dave on deck 1darren on deckdave leaving southampton 2dave darren leaving southampton 1
leaving southampton 1oriana deck 1dave darren black tie 8dave deck 1dave darren black tie 7dave darren black tie 6

Holiday snaps from our cruise around the Norwegian fjords. Glorious sunshine all week which is practically unheard of in Norway in May.


Blue Witch said...

That B&W one of you and Darren is scary. Well, Darren is scary!

Looks like you all had a great time.

Has Edward forgiven you yet?

Blue Witch said...

And the one entitled 'dave deck 1' - I didn't realise you were having to work your passage, as a waiter ;)

Ian McKnight said...

How nostalgic. My family emigrated to Australia from the UK on the Oriana (the original) 50 years ago. I hope you had a wonderful time.