Monday, January 24

I have no inspiration or inclination to write anything with any substance at the moment. I look around at my regular reads and jealously note that they are all in full swing which makes me feel guilty. I don't want to take a blog holiday (they are soooo 2003) so, in lieu of anything better spewing out, I shall post the brainless minutae of my days until I gather pace once more.

1pm Monday. At work. Cigarettes so far - 1 (there's only 1 left in the packet and I shall enjoy it after dinner tonight). Porridge for breakfast. Lunch was a Sainsburys chicken jalfrezi microwave meal (buy 2 get £1 off so there's another in the fridge at work for tomorrow) and a tin of pear halves. Flicked through the papers and was pleased to see that Bez won Big Brother (didn't even put the TV on yesterday). Dropped scooter off here this morning for engine rebuild. Hopefully ready by 6pm tonight. Cups of tea today - 2. Music listened to - none (though I was ironing shirts after midnight last night listening to The Dears album so technically I have listened to some music today). Bowel movements - none. Work done - ahem.

2pm. Remembers that LCD Soundsystem album comes out today so cheers up a little.

11pm. Bowel movements - 1. Scooter collected. Cigarettes smoked - 2 (total all day). Dinner was salmon sandwiches with shredded wheat for pudding. Watched Coronation Street, Eastenders and the new Robson Green thriller (phwoar!). Bath now. Then bed. Goodnight.

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