Tuesday, December 14

It was my birthday on the 12th but we decided to celebrate it on the 10th as the 12th would be spent travelling home. I woke at 8am, opened the curtains to admire the view of the lake, grabbed the newspaper from the corridor and got back into bed. Darren gave me a birthday card and some swish chocolates so we ate them with a pint of milk wearing our pajamas. He then told me about my 'proper' present: 5 days in NYC in June! He spoils me (but I think I'm worth it). The rest of the day was spent driving up and down US192 looking for a BestBuy store. We failed so we went to MGM/Disney Studios at 4pm to ride the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and see the Osborne Christmas Lights Spectacular (and they were). Dinner that night was at Red Lobster (paper-thin lobster pizza and a shrimp extravaganza) followed by a tub of Ben and Jerry's each back at the room. Pigs.

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