Monday, October 18

Greetings from Arlanda airport, Stockholm. Waiting for the flight home after a great weekend with the Swedes. My dogs are barking but they're happy (shoulda worn trainers and not hard, leather soled brogues). We've walked across the islands and explored the city through a refreshing weekend-long drizzle. We got pissed with the young folks on Friday night and watched The Go! Team rock Stockholm. We slept in 5 star luxury on the waterfront and stole chocolates from the cleaners trolley. We exposed ourselves to modern art and biting Baltic winds and then warmed up in plush art-deco department stores with ten quid coffees. We saw local boys By Heart on Saturday, liked what we saw and bought the album. It's a beautiful city and the train to the airport is yellow.
We spent a fortune but feel all the richer for the experience.

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