Saturday, September 25

Watched Monster last night. Don't you love a good serial killer/hooker movie? It was bloody good and nice to see that The Academy made the right decision with Charlize. Went to Tesco this morning and bought some lovely new cheap clothes. Like a good (value) homo I got a new winter wardrobe (for £30! *strains to hear readers mutter "chav" as they read this). Best friend Tom came round when we got back to tell us that he's been head-hunted to manage a bank in Moscow and will be moving there in January. I'm still amazed that I know someone who can save £9000 every month from their salary. Tom doesn't shop at Tesco. I went to bed for a nap at 4pm and woke up at 8pm all discombobulated then had a curry (healthy living by Tesco, 6 weight watchers points). Darren is watching Silent Witness downstairs then we will watch Novocaine because we heart Steve Martin. I wanted to go to Duckie tonight to show off my new cheap clothes but I can't be arsed now. That would mean having a bath, doing my hair, ironing, re-doing my hair (only to stick a crash helmet on which would wreck the 'do'), driving to Vauxhall in the drizzle and then driving home in the pouring rain (cos it's sods law that it rains for my monthly visit). So I will stay in and listen to some music while I wait for Silent Witness to finish. Current sounds pleasuring my lugs are 'Au Reve' by Cassius, the first Interpol album, 'Medulla' by Bjork and 'On' by Imperial Teen. The Great North Run is on telly tomorrow morning and my Uncle George is running. Look out for him, he's the sexy marine with the moustache.

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