Monday, August 2

Of course we went. Of course it was fun. Of course we stood on the outskirts of a huge crowd and gave marks-out-of-ten to shirtless mo’s. Of course falafel was eaten. Of course we wondered when ‘bear’ became the predominant guise among the gays. Of course we shouted “Mother!” at every passing tranny. Of course we laughed at the very messy and fucked up pill-heads in their flip flops and truckers caps. Of course we hoped that Jeremy Scott has patented that spiky mullet ‘do’. Of course we flirted with Police and Paramedics. Of course we queued for twenty minutes to pee. Of course we laughed at cars getting clamped. Of course I saw at least fifty other queers in the same t-shirt as me (of course I looked the best!). Of course I didn’t give the evil bar owners my money. Of course I bought gay mineral water (aka diet coke) from a shop. Of course we were home for ten. Of course we won’t be going next year. Of course we will.

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