Thursday, June 27

It's raining and chilly today.

Been back from Menorca one week now. Time for the Top Ten rundown of the best things about it (cue Yellow Pearl)... 10. Chocolate doughnuts and strong coffee (see No. 6). 9. Driving and exploring (Darren drove,we both explored). 8. 10 hours sleep each night. 7. Mille Feuille. 6. Modern hotel, free upgrade to a suite, excellent buffet breakfast. 5. Lovely food everywhere (even Burger King, on our last day with our last 20 Euros, tasted great and had a rooftop terrace overlooking the harbour). 4. Beaches and warm turquoise waters. 3. Ciutadella and Mahon and their photogenicness. 2. Small airports at either end, 2.5 hr flight, no jetlag. 1. Hot sunshine everyday, all day.


Blue Witch said...

How crowded? How child infested? How many nasty Brits? Recommended?

Dave said...

Not crowded at all in June. We had a virtually adult free hotel in Ciutadella (Port Ciutadella Hotel). I think there was 1 baby with a couple staying there. No toddlers or teens. On the whole I would say the whole island is popular with Daily Mail couples and families with very young kids rather than kids that need entertainment. The British were the dominant tourist but I felt that they were there for a Spanish experience rather than a British holiday in a hot climate (a la Majorca). I can't walk past an estate agents window without spending 15 mins looking at everything and I got the impression that property is much more expensive than the other islands and the mainland and is popular with wealthy Brits. We had a car for the week so visited every corner and every recommended tiny unspoilt beach. Never lay by the pool at the hotel but did notice towels and Daily Mails were put on the sunbeds BEFORE they went to breakfast. I would definately recommend it as a holiday but would add that Majorca is way more dramatic in every aspect if you can stay away from the Magalluf crowds (we did).