Thursday, March 3

We don't watch The OC on TV but our holiday did turn into a bit of an Orange County pilgrimage. Our hotel in LA was in OC (and yes, we do know that technically OC is not in LA), we went to the movies in OC, we window shopped at malls in OC, we strolled the beaches of OC and we loved OCMA. Newport Beach is a beautiful town. The beach bit is like a bigger version of Amity from Jaws and the houses fronting the beach are stunning (here's a pic of me in front of some). Beyond the beach and inland the town looks even more affluent. The locals are young and good looking. They drive BMW's and Hummers, they dress like they have accounts at Urban Outfitters and they are all pathetically fit, pleasant and polite. Needless to say, we stood out like sore thumbs.
We'd heard that the Beautiful Losers show at OCMA was very good so we went. And it was. Excellent stuff from Mike Mills, Ed Templeton and Terry Richardson. Skateboarding art-punks with their cocks out, brilliant!

Long Beach, Santa Monica, Balboa and Venice reports to follow (once I've got the sand outa ma sandals).

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