Tuesday, January 4

Underpants. Far too tight and white for my liking but on a windy, cold and grey morning I'm strangely transfixed. The dry collection is best and you can use your mouse to spin the fellas round! *grabs last of Christmas walnuts to crack on those butts*

We watched Goodfellas on TCM on New Years Eve. We'd seen it before but were still gobsmacked at it's brilliance (so engrossed we didn't even notice midnight come and go). We've seen two Colin Farrell movies in the past few weeks in which he 'does gay' very convincingly. Alexander and A Home At The End Of The World were both disappointing (both films have an impeccable pedigree so came to us loaded with potential) but are still worth a quick shufty if you're bored. Unlike George And Mildred The Movie which we also watched. Once the novelty of Yootha Joyces outfits had worn off (5-10 mintes) it became very tedious. Grand Theft Parsons was a great film about stealing corpses and burning them in the desert. Johnny Knoxville was very good and has whetted my appetite for his John Waters debut in A Dirty Shame (unfortunately no UK release date yet and it opened in the States in September last year!). No wonder DVD piracy is rampant (and yes, that does mean if anyone has a pirated copy of A Dirty Shame I will gladly purchase a copy from them).

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