Tuesday, January 18

The storms in the North West last week blew our tv aerial off the roof in Blackpool. So we joined a movie rental shop and rented movies. I wanted to see 24 Hour Party People again because I enjoyed it so much last time. Recent X Factor contestant Rowetta was playing herself in the film and she showed how she got so far in the competition by proving she can 'chop out' a quality line. Did you know that there are now 2 movies about Ian Curtis in pre-production? Stepford Wives was awful (pretty hair and frocks though). Bad points: Bette Midler was underused and Matthew Broderick didn't do a shower scene (his upper arms were very big though). The Weight Of Water was the most unthrilling thriller I've ever seen. Shame on Kathryn Bigelow. Only Sean Penns wispy tache saved it from being switched off. Camp was brilliant. Funny, moving, musical and uber gay. A truly independent movie in attitude, subject and financing.

It was lovely to be on the sands in a biting wind chasing the bairn and throwing stones for him.

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