Thursday, October 21

You eat shit cos you're stupid and shallow

I must tell you about my favourite band this week. The Futureheads and their album have come to me a wee bit late (released early this summer) but I'm so glad they got to me eventually. Blimey, angular guitars ahoy! And they're from Sunderland which makes for interesting listening as the odd 'geordie' word slips out (listen to the singer say 'joker' and 'moron' on top tune 'meantime'). They do a version of Hounds Of Love which is a right good stomper. If I had to describe their sound to give you an idea I would say they are like a cross between 'Are We Not Men' era Devo and 'In The City' era Jam (they effortlessly modernise this sound though and weren't even born when these albums came out). 4 listens today so far and it's only 4pm.Stylus said it so much better:

This band is so exciting it’s almost unbearable. They wanna change things, and they do it not by writing clever things then standing back to admire them, but pushing forward, forever forward, relentlessly trying to work out what they’re going to do next. Stick with them, because they’re brilliant, and they’re only going to get better.

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