Sunday, October 24

Went to Sussex yesterday for a wedding. Posh village, ancient church, modern anglican service (complete with Les Dawson on the organ and applause for the happy couple as they walked up the aisle). The vicar was a Canon and he was marrying his son who is an RE teacher. God knows why two 'evil' homo's were invited to such an event but I swear I saw the verger splash some holy water from the font on us as we looked for our place in the pews ("argh! it burns"). The function was at the local Best Western hotel and was a vegetarian feast which left me unsatisfied and queasy (crepes filled with strong cheese and spinach, yuk!). There was a four hour gap between the meal and the evening 'do' (which was going to be a jazz/blues band) so, after I'd thrown up, we sneaked off home to watch Ant and Dec on telly. It pissed down all day but somehow the scenery in that corner of England is always lovely no matter what the weather.

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