Wednesday, October 20


Puffs with plaques. Well done Alan Hollinghurst (I hope there's more mucky bits in the new one than there were in the last two). I hope this is not the wedding Darren and I are attending this Saturday. 24 Hour Party People was a great film and the chap who made it has just had his new one passed by the BBFC without any cuts. Apparently the sex scenes are boring (though real) and the movie is only 69 minutes long (boom boom!). The fucking is interspersed with live performances from Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand and The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hence the title. Spellcnut faves Woody Allen and Mike Leigh have new movies at London Film Festival this month AND Woody is playing Hammersmith Apollo with his jazz band during the festival so I guess the grumpy fucka may be attending his own movie opening (for a change). I shall not be attending either of these movies as they sold out three days before they went on sale (the LFF is the most elite and restrictive public film festival in the world and you can quote me on that).

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