Sunday, October 3

I woke up on saturday morning with a need for speed. I failed to recruit any mates to spend the day with me flying through the treetops on rollercoasters so I went on my own. Thorpe Park was beautiful (I'm ashamed to say I've never been before) with excellent themeing and marvelous gardens. Their two big coasters, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno, are stunners and just as good as anything in the USA (UK rollercoaster fans constantly compare our rides with the Americans and it's good to know that we can build and design just as well as them these days). The only good thing about being a johnny-no-mates at a theme park is the 'single rider' policy. Lone riders can walk straight to the front of the queue and take the first available seats. This worked out brilliantly yesterday and I was able to have three repeat rides in the front row on Nemesis Inferno. I was very impressed with the themeing at the park (an aspect we don't excel at in this country), the grounds and gardens were spotless and the inclusion of a Cafe Nero was a masterstroke obviously aimed at us gayers and the non-chav visitor. I had a delicious mozzarella and pesto lunch sitting outdoors in the sun watching Nemesis hurtle overhead. Very civilised.

We watched a couple of DVD's on Saturday night. Elephant was great. It's based on the Columbine school shootings and focuses on the hours just before 'the event'. Spooky and beautiful and a calm masterpiece. Taking Lives was a bit of a predictable thriller but still enjoyable. Or am I just easily pleased?

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