Friday, May 31

i'm sure you will all be pleased to know that my boss arrived in baku safely (amazingly!).
i have a headache caused by proof reading catalogues this afternoon so am off home now to pack my smalls for tomorrows trip. great news this afternoon; senegal beat france in the first game of the world cup. france won the world cup in 1998. hahahahahaha. frogs legs for tea? non.

highly illegal but surprisingly pleasing. i have downloaded several albums lately from audiogalaxy that i would have actually bought could i have been bothered to schlep out to the shops. adult, fischerspooner, yeah yeah yeahs, tweet and N.E.R.D. doubly disturbing is the fact that my husband works 'in the business' and is a bit confused about his feelings for this practice. i'm sure he celebrates the punk ethics of sharing/stealing all music but then i'm also sure he knows that if everyone did it he would be out of a job.
off to germany tomorrow to race around the treetops at nearly 100mph. oh, and to drink bier and eat wurst too.

Thursday, May 30

oh god it's only thursday

my boss is flying to azerbaijan tonight on aeroflot via moscow. that will be the last we see of him! he's off there for a week so that means that i get to do my work AND his. bargain! when i took this job 6 years ago i was quite happy to go travelling round central asia and the south caucasus several times a year. but then the novelty wore off. and the grim cities and people and food and weather all took their toll and so i said enough is enough and requested to be more deskbound. which surprisingly my boss agreed to. i'm still supposed to make at least one trip a year but for the last 2 years have managed to escape making any. i think i'm going to have to go to georgia this autumn though. i'll have to work pretty hard to get out of this one. i'm not ashamed to admit to being a lazy fucker who can't even be bothered to look for another job (which i'll only grow to hate too). better the devil you know.
bought a great map of the south west of germany. clearly shows the border crossings between france and germany. this was worrying us as we are staying in a hotel this saturday in a village called erstein near strasbourg and we needed to know the quickest way back into germany to get to europa park. should be a doddle now.

Wednesday, May 29

didn't get to buy a map. must do it tomorrow. work went crazy and i didn't get time. i didn't even get out to get lunch. i had a latte and a slice of carrot cake at 11am and that was it. tonight for dinner we had delicious salmon sandwiches. our friend tom is staying with us at the moment. he's on a month long holiday from his job in zurich. he spent a couple of weeks in spain and the rest of the time here in our guest room in east london (with a variety of east european, trailer trash, one night stands!). he leaves tomorrow but has been missing in action for the last three days. he turned up tonight with £2000 worth of clothes in bags from a shopping spree yesterday. lucky bastard.
gotta buy a map today. off to germany with darren on saturday to ride rollercoasters. 4 days in the black forest visiting europa park and holiday park. we need a good road map to get us from frankfurt airport in our hire car.
last month we went to disneyland paris for a long weekend (christmas present from darren). we stayed at the swish 'hotel new york' inside the park which was great. i'm sure darren thinks i wasn't grateful for his present but i really was. it cost him a fortune and it was a fantastic weekend.

Tuesday, May 28

so, another day at the office nearly over. my cold from last week is still lingering in my chest and making me cough a loud, rattling, phlegmy mess. very attractive. must eat some vegetables tonight. but will probably end up with cold cereal, coffee and jaffa cakes. i hope.
inspired by ultrasparky and bj i have decided to have a crack at a blog of my own. though how interesting my life will be is unclear.
i have just returned from the azerbaijan embassy where i went with my boss to celebrate independence day. i drank orange juice and nibbled a few shashliks. he drank red wine then sloped off to marks and spencers to get some knickers for his wife. i took a cab back to the office and listened to the driver whining on about the world cup. it's raining. where is summer?
must remember to go the national map centre tomorrow for a road map of the black forest for our trip to germany this weekend.
my mum and dad returned from spain late last night. i called them this morning, they had a great holiday in the barcelona region but as usual are pleased to be home. 'decent cup of tea' etc.